AI will never win

Socratic Maieutics
These dogs have a plan, plan is, there is no plan.

Expert & eyewitness
Reality only counts at the moment

3D diamond printer
What's 300,000,000 years in dog years? tomorrow?

The Great plant & bug revolt
New machine converts plants directly into poop!

Voices in my head

Dawg's voices

Waiter, there is a fly in my soup
He adds it to the bill

Smart cows are the future of Mars
Painting rocks green, is not the answer

Rockets and ass fires, are like
Life and shit, they go hand in hand

I miss hearing 'Good Girl'
Just for taking a dump

Making the news, making up the news,
Getting harder to tell the difference

Let's make ketchup the Mars 'money'
Guy with the best BBQ sauce rules

The bugs are onto us, Conspiracy theory says
they are making plans and humans will be food

Chickens can't read, You have to
read the Mars Rulebook to them

Can't get the cows to eat rocks

Humans make themselves,
easier to train than dogs

Who Eats Who -WEW- Annual Daily Meeting

Cows are hard to chip, IQ tests for chickens

Who decides, who eats who?

Mars secrets

Tech notes, pre-fried eggs update

Will It Drive 33.9 million miles

Can you trust science? Is tomorrow real?

Cars are easy to train,
full self driving requirements

Mars Rules

Who eats who?

Dogs eat anything that tastes like chicken or bacon

Permitted Langauge

Word Usage
Ugh up,down,yes,no,maybe,hello,good bye,always,round,square,over,under,please,thank you
Ugh Ugh Kind of like Ugh, but more Ugh
Ugh (and point) That thing
Ugh Ugh Ugh (and point) You are standing on my foot

Banned Langauge

Word Alternative Reason
Yes Ugh Could be confused with yes (see "yes")
No Ugh Sounds like a command
Yes sir Ugh Respect not allowed
No sir Ugh Defiance not allowed


Shopping carts can not stick together
Fitted sheets must be idiot proof
Those inhumane dog collars can be put on the cows' tails, to discourage farting
More to come
Dawg with Crispr
Don't mess with CRISPR